Road Trip Photos II

IMG_5143 second

I’m heading out on another road trip in a few days! In the meantime, I’m uploading some old road trip photos that I’ve taken throughout the years.

All photos were shot from inside a moving vehicle, usually with the windows still up.


šŸ“Red Rock Canyon,Ā Nevada
šŸ“·Ā Canon EOS 60D

Noticed this stunning reflection out the driver’s sideview mirror. The blues in the mountains and the sky really stood out against the dried grass along the road. Used my zoom lens to awkwardly take a photo over the driver’s shoulder. Worth it.


šŸ“Nacogdoches, TX
šŸ“·Ā iPhone 5s

Accidentally took a wrong turn while on the way to Lake Nacogdoches. Ended up driving through this beautiful little forest for half an hour before we realized we needed to turn back. Needless to say, we had no regrets. I snapped this photo with my phone through the windshield because my camera was in the trunk.


šŸ“Somewhere between Houston and Boston
šŸ“·Ā iPhone 5s

Smooth reflections.


šŸ“·Ā Canon EOS 60D

Long Road-trips šŸ’™

šŸ“California & Nevada
šŸ“· Canon EOS 60D

Photos taken from inside a rental car during a recent road trip.Ā Despite the fact that our car was going around 80 mph and the windows were covered with rain residue, my camera was able to save a few shots.

I absolutely love road-trips. Watching the scenery change gradually (or abruptly) is both relaxing and awe-inspiring. During the evening or early morning, you can witness the sky take on so many different shades of pinks and blues. I love knowing that there is nothing I can do inside a car except sit back, blast some road-trip music, and admire the view. No email, no work, no stress.

Can’t wait to hit the road again.

Vancouver Reflections: Day 1

Vancouver Reflections

People typically research aĀ place they intend to visit before arrival. I do not. Perhaps I just enjoy the elements of surprise and anticipation. Or because I tend to setĀ high expectations for destinationsĀ that I have heard great things about and becomeĀ disappointedĀ if anything is less than perfect.

This time, I wanted everything to feel fresh when I first landed in Vancouver. As such, I was entirely unprepared forĀ the city and surrounding area to be as breathtaking as it ultimately turned out to be. Mountains, trees, clear waters, bold sunsets. Vancouver had it all.


University of British Columbia

When I first stepped off the plane, the weather was a perfect 71 degrees Fahrenheit (or 22 degrees Celsius). My friend and I drove to UBC to see the gardens and take it slow on the first day. Ā I can’t recall ever seeingĀ so many different types of flowers blooming at the same time. You could even see the mountains and oceanĀ in the distance.

UBC Rose Garden

After a 10 minute walk among giant fir trees, the sceneryĀ completely changed into a peaceful shelter with Japanese-style landscaping.

Among the Trees

UBC Botanical Gardens


Later that evening, weĀ walked along the English Bay Beach to witness a gorgeous sunset. (For more sunset photos, please see my earlier post.) It was certainly an amazing start to my Vancouver visit, and I was eager for more adventuresĀ to follow.


Is that a tree on top of that building?


Brilliant English Bay Sunset

Vancouver Sunsets


I recently visited a friend in Vancouver, Canada, who was generous enough to take me on a photography tour around the city.Ā The natural scenery and weather were so perfect that I think I’ve found my future home. Here is a short collection of some of theĀ beautiful sunsets that I was lucky enough to witness during my visit. I will post additional photos of other wonderfulĀ sites in the upcoming week.

Sunset Thoughts