Image Retouching & Photoshop

Photos don’t always turn out the way you expected. Many cameras automatically “develop” your photos into jpegs which can be easily viewed and shared. However, this means you are leaving many artistic decisions on the table, such as white balance, saturation, contrast, and exposure. Experienced photographers generally prefer to develop their own photos, either in a traditional dark room or digitally.

Here are some “before & after” examples of photos developed in Adobe Lightroom:







Shine brighter


Beyond performing basic color correction, Adobe Photoshop offers the possibility to digitally alter images to fulfill certain artistic goals (and client goals!). This can range from minor touchups like clearing skin to transforming a woman into pizza (seriously). “Photoshopping” is often criticized in the media for misleading viewers. I, too, question the trend of thinning female models in advertisements or manipulating journalistic images. However, photoshopping can serve as a medium with which to create digital art. These images do not necessarily reflect “reality” but rather a world that someone envisions… and that’s beautiful.

Examples of photos edited in Adobe Photoshop:

If you are interested in my Lightroom/Photoshop services to enhance your photos, please contact me. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • basic image enhancement (ex: exposure, contrast, white balance, lens distortion)
  • split toning
  • skin retouching
  • noise reduction
  • photoshop projects*

*Note: If you provide me with image files, I am interested in doing fun photoshop projects free of charge 😉