Happy Halloween 🎃

Halloween inspired photoshoot with my lovely friend Victoria who is willing to put up with my strange ideas, and Merlin, a crazy kitten who moves so fast my camera was actually dying.

Note: Click on each image to enlarge

Had a lot of fun working with the lighting in this shoot. The photos were taken during the day in my friend’s living room. Even with the blinds drawn, there was a still a lot of light in the room. We used a single fluorescent bulb with an umbrella to light the models. No backdrops were used.

📷 Canon EOS 60D | Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS
ISO 100 | 1/40 | f/4.0

Makeup by Kyrie Rooch.

Merry Christmas🎄

I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season!

Christmas 2016.jpg

The above photo of my Christmas tree was taken on a Canon EOS 60D with manual focus and an index card that I cut and attached to the lens to create the bokeh tree pattern. Always fun to experiment with Christmas lights.


I’m spending the rest of my Christmas day processing holiday photos. Adobe Lightroom never ceases to impress me with its ability to enhance RAW files. Hopefully I will save some good shots to use for greeting cards next year!


Thanksgiving 2016


Here’s my first attempt at drawing comics! I used pen on paper and then scanned the image as black and white.

Every year, Black Friday sales begin earlier and earlier. This year in particular, many stores were advertising openings at 5pm or 6pm Thursday evening. What happened to Thanksgiving?

The Forgiveness Flower


Hyacinths are common Easter flowers and are famous for their sweet scent. According to popular legends, the purple hyacinth symbolizes sorrow and seeking forgiveness. This meaning may have been derived from the Greek legend about Apollo and Hyakinthos. When Hyakinthos was accidentally killed, a Hyacinth grew from his blood, and Apollo’s tears turned the Hyacinth purple.

I found this particular Purple Hyacinth blooming alone at the base of a large tree. I was quite intrigued by the way this vibrant flower was surrounded by dead leaves and barren soil, which not only provided a nice contrast to the photo, but also seemed to carry out the symbolism.

Since these flowers only bloom around March and April, Easter is usually a great time to appreciate these lovely forgiveness flowers.