Coloring the Coast | CA Photoset

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IMG_1066 Colored

📷 Canon EOS 60D
📍Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, CA



Moody Nature Shots

A collection of “dark” flower shots.

📷 Canon EOS 60D

All photos were taken in direct sunlight around noon. I love the dark bokeh background effect in photos, but I never take these shots intentionally because getting the right lighting and angle is difficult without flash. And I don’t use flash.

So these are basically accidental shots that turned out quite pleasing to me. I hope you enjoy them too.


Will You Remember Me in the End?


Flower Lives


Reaching for the Light


Drops in Time

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Road Trip Photos II

IMG_5143 second

I’m heading out on another road trip in a few days! In the meantime, I’m uploading some old road trip photos that I’ve taken throughout the years.

All photos were shot from inside a moving vehicle, usually with the windows still up.


📍Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
📷 Canon EOS 60D

Noticed this stunning reflection out the driver’s sideview mirror. The blues in the mountains and the sky really stood out against the dried grass along the road. Used my zoom lens to awkwardly take a photo over the driver’s shoulder. Worth it.


📍Nacogdoches, TX
📷 iPhone 5s

Accidentally took a wrong turn while on the way to Lake Nacogdoches. Ended up driving through this beautiful little forest for half an hour before we realized we needed to turn back. Needless to say, we had no regrets. I snapped this photo with my phone through the windshield because my camera was in the trunk.


📍Somewhere between Houston and Boston
📷 iPhone 5s

Smooth reflections.


📷 Canon EOS 60D

Long Road-trips 💙

📍California & Nevada
📷 Canon EOS 60D

Photos taken from inside a rental car during a recent road trip. Despite the fact that our car was going around 80 mph and the windows were covered with rain residue, my camera was able to save a few shots.

I absolutely love road-trips. Watching the scenery change gradually (or abruptly) is both relaxing and awe-inspiring. During the evening or early morning, you can witness the sky take on so many different shades of pinks and blues. I love knowing that there is nothing I can do inside a car except sit back, blast some road-trip music, and admire the view. No email, no work, no stress.

Can’t wait to hit the road again.

January | Original Piano Composition

ABOUT THE ALBUM: Each month I plan on composing and recording a new piano piece that reflects the events/mood/weather experienced throughout the month. The entire process will take place from the start of the month, and hopefully I can upload the piece sometime before the last week. This project is experimental in nature, so I will try out different recording/mastering techniques as well as compositional. Some of the pieces will be more melodic in nature and others will be purely “mood” pieces. I hope you enjoy!

JANUARY THEMES: new beginnings, resolutions, cold mornings, hot chocolate, and tears

Sea Lions | San Diego

📍La Jolla Beach, San Diego
📷 Canon EOS 60D | EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Rumors say you can see sea lions up close at La Jolla Beach.

I am pleased to report that this is indeed true.

When I arrived at La Jolla early in the morning, the sea lions were sunbathing on rocks along the beach, and they weren’t camera-shy at all. You could easily get within arm’s reach and pose with them. Despite the signs warning against harassing the sea lions, many tourists could not resist touching the adorable creatures.

Here are some photos I took without tourists photobombing in the background:


Oh! The Drama!


The Professional Model


Little Mermaid Reenactment



BONUS: On the other side of the beach, I found a herd of seals! The waves kept washing them into the cove, and they would resolutely wiggle back onto the shore.



Life Goals

All in all, it was an amazing day at the beach.