About Me

Photographer. Musician. Student. Dreamer.

To start off, I am an undergraduate student at Rice University pursuing a B.A. in Economics and Managerial Studies and a minor in Business.

I first began taking art lessons at the age of six. Over the next decade, I developed a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of art and design, such as color, contrast, emphasis, and balance. My favorite mediums are acrylic paint, charcoal, and Prismacolors. I also have a wide range of styles, from hyper-realism to impressionism. To see samples of my work, please click here.

Eventually I developed an interest in photography. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling with my old friend, the Canon EOS 60D, and photographing landscapes, animals, and flowers. My emphasis is on vibrant, high-contrast photos. I am always on the search for new breathtaking views or intriguing scenes, and my goal is to photograph the moment as completely as possible. That is, I strive to capture the overall atmosphere of a scene and not just the objects in sight, so strategic lighting and color are crucial in my photos. I do not alter photos except to develop RAW files in Adobe Lightroom or as otherwise noted. To see samples of my photos, please click here.

As for music, I began playing the piano around the age of eight and took private piano lessons until college. I have received multiple awards at state piano competitions, and my favorite composers are Chopin, Liszt, and Beethoven. Although I am classically trained, I enjoy making piano covers of popular movie soundtracks, especially from Studio Ghibli films. I have also begun composing a few original pieces, and I hope to finish recording a full album within the next year. To hear samples of my songs, please click here.

All of my works are heavily influenced by my love of nature and the freedom it conveys. From the explosion of colors during a sunset to the graceful flight of eagles, the world is full of evanescent beauty, and through photography, art, and music, I hope to share some of the moments I have captured with others. But just as I believe in my freedom to create art as I see fit, I also believe that viewers and listeners should have the freedom to interpret my work as freely as they like.

– Mengjia Liu